Summer is that the perfect time of year to urge outdoors and knowledge nature altogether its glory. If you’re one among the many dog owners within the us that have often involves your four-legged ally . Taking your dog on adventures with you may be a great idea for countless reasons. But even as we humans got to take certain precautions when out and about within the wild; (or our own backyards) an equivalent is true for our pups. Here are some helpful tips and tricks for safely walking and hiking together with your dog within the summer months.

First Aid Kit

If you’re going for quite a fast walk round the block it’s always an honest idea to possess your pet care kit available . If you are doing not have one assembled there are many great guides online to assist you set one together. And if you have already got one it’s important to see expiration dates and restock before any long trip or vacation that has your pet.

There might not ever be a time once you are required to utilize your care kit. However; if you are doing end up during a situation where it’s needed, time is usually of the essence and having your kit handy are often the difference between life and death.


One of the foremost useful training your dog can ever learn is recall. This training are often done reception or with knowledgeable dog trainer. The concept is straightforward enough; it’s just training your dog to reply and return to you once you call them.

If you haven’t acquired the training it are often easy to think that you simply don’t really need it because your dog always comes when called. But this is often a standard mistake. there’s an enormous difference between recall in your house and recall during a distracting and dangerous environment.

Teaching your dog recall can help them avoid the countless dangerous situations they’ll encounter when out on a hike. And you’d be hard-pressed to seek out anyone who has regretted training their dog in recall.

Snake Training

Depending on what a part of the country you’re hiking/walking in another helpful training to possess in your arsenal is snake training. this is often a training best done by the professionals but basically just teaches your pup to avoid snakes.

Many times snakes may appear as if a stick or a fun playmate to dogs but they’re often very dangerous. The training will last a lifetime and that we certainly hope you’ll never need it. But if you’re hiking in a neighborhood with large numbers of dangerous snakes, just like the American Southwest, it’s definitely a situation during which is it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Helpful Accessories

There are several pet specific accessories it’s going to be useful to possess available for an extended walk or hike within the summer months. the primary and most vital is water. Dogs can overheat quickly. Having drinkable water with you may be a good way to stay them hydrated and funky when call at the summer months. We recommend bringing a couple of bottles of water and a collapsible water bowl with you on longer excursions.

If you’re walking across hot pavement or rough terrain, it’s an honest idea to select up doggie shoes to guard your pet’s vulnerable paws. Also when hiking a pet hiking vest are often useful to assist carry a number of the load. Some models even carry water and have a spout, eliminating the necessity for you to hold the water for both of you. Other useful accessories include:

Nutritionally dense snacks
Cooling Vests
Sun protection
Reflective gear
Summer is that the best time of the year to urge out together with your pet to explore and luxuriate in nature. But summer is additionally a time of year when tons of pet and human accidents can occur. Plan ahead and take all necessary precautions to make sure that neither you nor your pet is one among those accidents. And in particular else take our advice once we say get out there and have an honest time because before we all know it summer are going to be over and that we will all be bracing for cold winter months.

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